Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Don't wish your life away...

I know that expression. I've heard it all my life. My parents said it to me countless times when I was growing up because I always catch myself looking forward to something in the future. Lately, I am very guilty of this. I have about a thousand countdowns going on in my phone because I'm just SO excited about what the next few months have in store.

Allow me to share.....

1. Mexico!!! My friend, Megan, invited me to go with her & her family in March. It was such a hasty decision, and I could not be more excited. Traveling is one of my passions, and I don't get to do it enough. Proof of this? I got my passport back in 2007 convinced that I would be stamping it at least once a year with all the cool places I would be going throughout college. Fast forward 4 years later and it has yet to be stamped at all. Real cool. Needless to say, I am pumped. Visions of relaxing on the beach and overusing the word "amigo" are dancing through my head. Now, if only I could actually save some money & do some extra crunches at night, I would be all set!

2. MOVING!!! Although I am incredibly sad to be leaving my roommate of almost 4 years, I am the freak who loves moving. I love the entire process.... packing, decorating, organizing, painting, etc. I just like the freshness that it brings. The only downside to my whole moving adventure? I have yet to find a for sure place to live.... and I move out in approximately 30 something days. Cue the nerves and anxiety attack, right?? For someone who likes to constantly be in control & have every little detail planned out, this is causing me some turmoil. However, I just keep telling myself that everything works out how it is supposed to. Therefore, I'm not worried YET.

3. KINGS OF LEON CONCERT!! Beyond excited for this. I have recently had a little infatuation with KOL. In fact, it has become a little annoying to the frequent passengers in my car. Several requests have been made to listen to something else... ANYTHING else. Point taken.

4. VALERIE's WEDDING!! A tad bittersweet.... not gonna lie. On the one hand, my best friend is getting married & this is just so exciting!! On the other hand, she is getting married & this means the reality that I have known for the past 5 years is about to be turned upside down. Ok, maybe that was a tad dramatic, but you get the point. Gone are the days when I can walk two feet and see her. Now, we are going to have to plan to hang out.... as in call each other and ask to meet at a restaurant or ask to come over?? Mind blown. I'm not naive enough to know that our friendship won't change. I mean she will be doing wifey things and living with a BOY..... & then I'll be over here doing the studenty thing & eating frozen meals with mass volumes of caffeine. HOWEVER, I am bound & determined to be as close to her as we've always been. I'm so incredibly happy for her that she has found the person that she wants to spend the rest of her life with, and I can't wait until May 7th to celebrate!!!

5. HAWAII!! I couldn't let Valerie have all the fun honeymooning and all that jazz, so I'm going on my own little romantic get-a-way...... with my parents. WOMP WOMP. haha No really, I am incredibly excited. I've never been to Hawaii, but I have heard that it is beautiful. Plus, one of my favorite ways to travel is with the folks. Can we say all expense paid vacation?? I'm incredibly blessed to be a beach bum not once, but twice in the next couple of months. Ahhh... paradise awaits. AND I'm pretty excited about attending my first luau and getting "lei-d". bwahaha.

6. OPTOMETRY SCHOOL!!! It's becoming real to me as of late that I will be a freakin optometry student in 6 months. As of now, I am beyond excited for all of it. New people, new school, lectures, lab.... EVERYTHING. Bet your bottom dollar I sing a different tune around ohhh September when I'm waist deep in more studying than I've ever had in my life and haven't slept in six nights. For now, though, I'm excited about learning & being all intellectual again. Watching Brad hand out roses when I'm not reading US Weekly hardly screams brainiac over here. My brain will probably hurt when it actually has to learn something of substance. BUT Bring. It. On.