Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Oh, Weddings

This past weekend, I attended what can only be considered the first of MANY, MANY weddings down the road. I am finally at that age where all of my friends and classmates will be strapping on the ol' ball and chain and taking the plunge. I'm torn between wanting to be so happy for them and having an out right panic attack. I, myself, am nowhere near marriage. I am entirely too immature, both emotionally and financially, for that sort of thing at this time in my life. In fact, I can't even pay rent without the help of my parents. However, here I am feeling like I missed the bus somewhere that read "destination: marriage and kids." I am only 22 years old...and only a week into 22 at that! Why should I feel like this? I shouldn't. I was thinking about this as I was browsing the internet at work on Monday. I came across this review for a book that caught my eye. I forget what it was called but it talked about the "late bloomers" in marriage and the benefits that they achieved from it. It said that in order to be fully happy with yourself and your future hubby that you have to have a solid relationship with yourself...and that throughout your entire 20s is when most people find this. Well, that made me feel better. I am certain that I am not 100% confident in my own skin, and, on top of that, I haven't achieved everything in life that I want to achieve. I'm still way too selfish to devote myself fully to a family. I have an education to get, places to see, and experiences that i have not yet lived. I'm sure that I will (hopefully!) get there eventually, lord willing and man willing I suppose! ha. In the meantime, I really cannot be happier for my loved ones diving into marriage-ville. I looove weddings! Everyone is so happy and the atmosphere is just great. I'm glad I love them because it looks like my wedding attending is far from over.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Chocolate Wasted

Last night, I went with the boyfriend to see the new movie Grownups starring a pretty all star team of comedy legends: Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock, David Spade, & Rob Schneider. I went into the movie with the absolute lowest expectations because of what I had heard from Valerie and her boyfriend. They saw it a couple of hours before us and absolutely HATED it. Hearing this, of course, I questioned whether we should see it considering the bad review. However, Patrick's face kind of fell when I suggested something else, so therefore, what the heck...we went. AND.....drumroll please...... it actually wasn't half bad. I'll give it to Valerie & Jon though, it was a very cheesy movie. It definately has the stupid comedy bits that have you questioning your immuturity when you laugh out loud. Despite this, I thought that all of the actors' chemistry was really good. They were constantly ribbing each other and putting each other down and that's what made it hilarious. I know this movie isn't going to win an academy award or anything and to be honest, I see more people hating it than liking it. If you are an Adam Sandler fan like me, though, then go see it. In high school, when girls my age were lusting over Josh Hartnett, Paul Walker, and Justin Timberlake, I was ooh-ing and ahh-ing for Adam Sandler. haha. (don't get me wrong - the others aren't half bad either - By the way what happened to Josh Hartnett? ha) I have yet to walk out of a Happy Madison production just straight up hating it and it's all because of the easy laughs that Sandler always brings. Overall, I give it a B. :)

Friday, June 25, 2010

crazy lady = me

warning: depressing thoughts ahead. So, I've been thinking a WHOLE lot recently about life, death, heaven, sickness, etc. For some reason, over the last few months I have turned into quite the hypochondriac and I'm not even kidding. In fact, I just googled hypochondriac and I literally have all of the symptoms: the fear that minor bodily symptoms may indicate a serious illness, requiring constant reassurance that you are healthy, and repeatedly researching medical conditions on the internet. check, check, and oh yes check. It all started back in January when I got an abnormal report back from the lady doctor for showing abnormal cells.... and then it all went downhill. I have never been like this in my entire life...in fact, I was one of those kids who would ignore feeling sickly until my mother absolutely made me go to the doctor. Now, if I think about all the potential diseases and statistics for getting them, I actually start freaking out. In fact, it has gotten so bad that I can't even watch House or read medical articles in fear that I will have a genuine panic attack. The sad thing is I recognize that this is going on and that I sound absolutely absurd, but I still think them anyway in the back of my mind. I'm really, really hoping that I snap out of this soon & begin to count my blessings that I have been this healthy so far in my life. I just have to preoccupy myself or I get caught up in thinking how I could ever have the strength to deal with the situation if something ever did happen to me, my parents, or family & friends. AND then I feel bad for thinking this because I should be trusting God because he already has a plan laid out for me. SO see..... this is how messed up I have been lately. I need to get a grip....and hope that this scaredy cat phase passes SOON. Has anyone else ever felt like this?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

No worries, I'm back!

So.. it's ummm been awhile. ha. BUT, this time I have an excuse...I was on vacation. whoop whoop. The familia and I went to the New England area from Saturday to Saturday of this last week and I cannot rave enough about how awesome it was. Boston is such a nice city... unlike the majority of the ones I have been to in the past. It was so unghetto... if that even makes sense. There were no slummy, oh-my-god-get-me-out-of-here areas that I encountered and I felt completely safe and comfortable the entire time. Don't get me wrong. I love Memphis and will be the first to admit it, but let's face it. We got the ghetto and we got it good. As soon as I load some pictures of the week, I shall share.

Another thing I noticed throughout my time is Boston is how freakin' fit these people are. You cannot walk a single block without somebody whizzing by you running or biking or rollerblading or SOMETHING. I was in awe. Here I am panting up the subway stairs and here these people are taking them three at a time. Needless to say, the last time I saw someone run past me in downtown Memphis was when someone had stolen their purse.... (baha sorry another Memphis dig...I'll stop I promise). ANYWAY, I was so inspired by the physical fitness around me that I trotted right in to the nearest Nike store and purchased some new running shoes and shorts hoping that this would be the motivation that I needed to start running and exercising regularly. I joined a gym a couple of months back, but I get sooooo bored so easily and after a couple of days of being good and going I start making excuses and slack BIG TIME. Therefore, I think I am going to start running outside (I always enjoy it more this way) and then doing some weight machines and classes at the gym. The official start day for this new work out pledge is tomorrow morning so I hope that I can high tail it out of bed and hit the pavement!

I wanted to try the shoes out today, however, so about an hour ago, I attempted to run outside. Just a little heads up for you folks living under a box: it is H-O-T outside. OMG. My running extravaganza has got to take place in the morning before the mid-day heat kicks into full gear. I got up to half a mile in the 99 degree weather before I thought, "Who am I trying to kid?" and walked, sweat pouring, back to my apartment. Hopefully tomorrow plays out a little better than today. Whew. Wish me luck....On the plus side, I love the shoes! :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

red velvet, banana, peanut butter, OH MY.

about two weeks ago, valerie & i discovered what is quickly becoming one of my favorite places in Memphis - Gigi's Cupcakes:

Photo of a Gigis Cupcakes Store

if you have a sweet tooth but at all, then this is seriously the place for you. it's probably a good assumption to say that i am obsessed. this could be the inner fat kid inside of me (not even really inner anymore! ha), but i look forward to one of these bad babies after work! val & i even have their menu on our fridge, and we mark off the ones that we have tried - need i say more?

just take a look at these and tell me that your mouth is not watering right now?!?

you can thank me later. in the meantime, check out their spring/summer menu:


you shall not be disappointed. happy cupcaking!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dear Diary,

well apparently i'm not a good blogger. i'm determined to do better with this thing. i can't give up after just one post. i really hope it's not going to be like when i was a kid and tried to keep a journal. i would start out so good like "dear diary, i am going to write in you every day & tell all my secrets to you." ......and then the rest of the book would be blank.

i noticed on the last post that i gave no background information about myself. i'm not going to sit here and write out my own little biography because, let's face it, who cares where i was born, what my childhood was like, or even what my major was. i figure that over time all that information will come out in its own little way. as for now, just know that i just graduated college and i am trying to see what my way will be in this world. i currently work at an optometry office as i plow through countless oat books and write countless personal statements and essays in order to hopefully land a place in optometry school for fall '11. optometry school has always been my dream since i was all of 11 years old. for some reason, that's all that i have ever wanted to do. therefore, im taking a year off from the whole school thing and setting about to make this dream a reality (excuse the cliche).

i've always enjoyed writing. in school, give me a paper to write over studying for a test anyday. when i get to a keyboard, i seriously could write all day. i also love to read. in the last year or so, an anatomy or biochem textbook was my bedside reading material. however, now that that time in my life is behind me, i've started to pick up reading for pleasure again. i've always been the type that could start and finish a book in 2 days time because i usually CANNOT put them down. i will read anything - chick lit, murder mystery, biographies, history, dramas, religion, literally ANYTHING. i don't think that there is a book, or movie for that matter, that I will turn down. therefore, i will probably blog a lot about my latest book or movie.

i'm also a HUGE fan of tv on dvd. my roommate valerie & I have been hooked on purchasing television series for years now. the favorites: grey's anatomy, desperate housewives, gossip girl, the o.c., one tree hill, friends, reba, house, scrubs, and I could go on and on. we can seriously sit for hours watching disc after disc of the latest addiction. most recent goal: to watch every episode && the first movie of sex & the city before going to see the new movie together. that's why we are the only females in the world to not have already seen it. i swear i can think of no better day or night to fill than sitting on the couch and watching this show. i love these girls...and yes even miranda for the comical relief that she brings ;)

i guess that's enough of my rambling for one day..... until next time (I SWEAR!)