Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dear Diary,

well apparently i'm not a good blogger. i'm determined to do better with this thing. i can't give up after just one post. i really hope it's not going to be like when i was a kid and tried to keep a journal. i would start out so good like "dear diary, i am going to write in you every day & tell all my secrets to you." ......and then the rest of the book would be blank.

i noticed on the last post that i gave no background information about myself. i'm not going to sit here and write out my own little biography because, let's face it, who cares where i was born, what my childhood was like, or even what my major was. i figure that over time all that information will come out in its own little way. as for now, just know that i just graduated college and i am trying to see what my way will be in this world. i currently work at an optometry office as i plow through countless oat books and write countless personal statements and essays in order to hopefully land a place in optometry school for fall '11. optometry school has always been my dream since i was all of 11 years old. for some reason, that's all that i have ever wanted to do. therefore, im taking a year off from the whole school thing and setting about to make this dream a reality (excuse the cliche).

i've always enjoyed writing. in school, give me a paper to write over studying for a test anyday. when i get to a keyboard, i seriously could write all day. i also love to read. in the last year or so, an anatomy or biochem textbook was my bedside reading material. however, now that that time in my life is behind me, i've started to pick up reading for pleasure again. i've always been the type that could start and finish a book in 2 days time because i usually CANNOT put them down. i will read anything - chick lit, murder mystery, biographies, history, dramas, religion, literally ANYTHING. i don't think that there is a book, or movie for that matter, that I will turn down. therefore, i will probably blog a lot about my latest book or movie.

i'm also a HUGE fan of tv on dvd. my roommate valerie & I have been hooked on purchasing television series for years now. the favorites: grey's anatomy, desperate housewives, gossip girl, the o.c., one tree hill, friends, reba, house, scrubs, and I could go on and on. we can seriously sit for hours watching disc after disc of the latest addiction. most recent goal: to watch every episode && the first movie of sex & the city before going to see the new movie together. that's why we are the only females in the world to not have already seen it. i swear i can think of no better day or night to fill than sitting on the couch and watching this show. i love these girls...and yes even miranda for the comical relief that she brings ;)

i guess that's enough of my rambling for one day..... until next time (I SWEAR!)

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