Saturday, May 8, 2010

Officially a College Grad!

I cannot believe today arrived. It seems surreal to think that it has been four whole years since I began college. I feel like it was literally 2 months ago that my parents dropped me off at my dorm for the first time. Part of me was so happy that it was over. I will never miss the all-nighters & stress that comes hand in hand with being the queen procrastinator that I am. However, I will, and already do, miss the experiences that I had while on this campus - fraternity houses (please don't let me be caught dead there now - been there done that), nights downtown, sorority formals, basketball games, homecomings, etc. I was looking back through my old photo albums on facebook and got all nostalgic thinking of the friendships that I had made & the things that I had done. There is no denying that it will really hit me hard once the Fall semester starts and I'm not there complaining about my schedule and that I have Mrs. so-and-so for a Biology class. Regardless, though, I am so excited about this next phase in my life. I feel like, or hope rather, that the next few years are going to be the most exciting of my life. I intend to make them that way. You are only in your 20's once and I want to really slow down life & start appreciating and savoring the freedom that I have right now. That's basically the entire reason I started this blog. I know I don't have the most exciting life in the world. In fact, it's probably one of the most boring if I'm being quite honest. However, I'm doing this for me. I want to be able to read this or show my kids this years and years down the road and be able to recall the important times in my life and to see them right there in pictures. I love reading other people's blogs (yes, I'm a creeper), but I never dreamed of writing one of my own. Well, suddenly today I had an ah-ha moment and realized that I DO want to start one. Therefore, here you go.... My life starting out in the "real world." Even if I don't have one follower, I am perfectly fine with being the only person that reads this :)

ANYWAYS....back to today....Graduation was about as long and boring as one would expect. It's always promising when the speaker says, "And today we will be awarding the most degrees in the history of the University of Memphis!" Well, oh freakin joy. That is just dandy. Oh, and it was. I completely zoned out by about the 235th name. It was just my luck that the College of Science was the VERY last college to be announced. I was 452 out of only like 475 names. Therefore, I had about 2 hours to create scenarios in my head of the various ways that I could trip or embarrass myself as I walked across the stage. Thankfully, I made it across without falling (which believe me, that is quite an accomplishment for me ESPECIALLY in heels). All in all, great day as an official alumna of the U of M. AND the ribs at Rendezvous post-graduation certainly didn't hurt things either.

Here are some photos from today...Which are all blurry for some reason? I am VERY disappointed in the quality of all of them - even the up close ones. I have no idea what was up with my camera. Hopefully, my parents got some better shots.

My wonderful parents & I pre-ceremony.

Gettin' that diploma.

AND that's the only pictures that are worth anything at all...if that tells you anything. Aghhh Oh well, I know i was there & that's all that matters!

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