Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I Want It That Way

Last night, I did something ridiculous.... I went to a Backstreet Boys concert. Yes, yes... make fun all you want. I had NO IDEA what to expect from this night. Actually, I lied. I had somewhat of an idea of what I thought would go down. The forum would probably be about 1/4 filled with 20 and 30 something year old women screaming at a few out of breath old timers gyrating on stage.

This was only partly true. While the female to male ratio at this concert was about 300 to 1, I am here to tell you that BSB still has it. I lost all pride the second I walked in the door. It was like I was in a trance. If Nick Carter told me to wave my hands, I waved them. If I was told to fist pump, have no fear that I sure did. If someone had recorded me this night, it would have 24000 hits on YouTube because of how ridiculous I probably looked. I also managed to still remember every single word of these songs and belted them out like there was no shame in my game.

Here are some photos of the night:

Starting the night on Beale!

N-K-O-T-B-S-B ( I think I may have even chanted this at several points throughout the night... Oh, the shame.... lol )

Lindsey & I before the concert

Backstreet's Back... ALRIGHT!!!

There is no better way to start the week than a little blast from the past with some great friends! :)

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