Sunday, August 7, 2011

Heaven just got a little sweeter.


This past Friday morning my grandmother passed away. She was 95 years old. It's hard to imagine living to be that age. Can you imagine all the stories that you could tell? My Dad read the above verse at her funeral yesterday, and I was struck with how appropriate it was. It wouldn't hurt for us all to live with this mantra in mind!

She was an AMAZING woman. My grandfather died way back in the 70s when my dad was just a teenager from leukemia. Not only did she have to endure this, but she was left with the daunting task of raising 3 boys on her own. She did this seemingly with ease. I have never seen a harder working woman. From the time that I can remember, she was always working in the garden or cooking or canning or something related to bettering her home.

Her health has declined drastically over the last six years. The family has known for quite some time now that if she had the choice, she would want to move on. Way too much waiting for her in Heaven to hang around here. She finally got her chance a couple of days ago. The funeral was bittersweet.... sad for us to lose such an awesome woman, but exciting for her to finally be reunited with her husband, old family & friends, and of course her creator!


We will miss you!!!

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