Friday, November 12, 2010

I accomplished something major this week...

What you ask?

Well, I managed to not eat out a single meal the entire week... not even Starbucks for coffee. To an ordinary penny pincher, this might not be a big deal. But to this girl? Oh, it's huge. Last Sunday, I prepared a list and went to the grocery store with a goal in mind. This time, I would not get my usual frozen meals, chips, diet mountain dew, sandwich fixings, and various plethora of desserts. This time, I was going to get lots of fruits and veggies and actually venture over to the produce side of Kroger to spend some time there. I returned with blueberries, strawberries, peaches, red potatoes, squash, green beans, rice, etc. I was ready to rollllll.

Armed with my fresh (ok, it's Kroger so let's say semi-fresh) produce, I managed to cook dinner for myself every single night this week. It wasn't anything special, but this is leaps and bounds for me. The stove and I are not familiar friends. I blame it on the mindset of what's the point of cooking for one? Regardless though, I managed to grill squash, bake potatoes, saute mushrooms, and even grill some chicken after firing some questions at Valerie. "Do I need to Pam this? Does this look done? Are you sure? Am I going to get salmonella?"

Lo and behold though... at the end of my five days of consuming only home cooked meals and water, I am down 3 lbs.... in FIVE DAYS... with no exercising.... Holy Mother of Pearl. I think I might be on to something.... Therefore, I am going to keep it up, only hopefully incorporating some gym time in there as well. I might be turning over a new leaf ladies & gentlemen... a skinny leaf. bwahaha.

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