Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Last Few Days....

Here are some things that have been striking my fancy this week:

1. Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows

Oh, the long-awaited movie is finally here. Book 7: Part 1 has finally made its way to a movie theater near you... or it will be as of 12:01 am thursday night (or rather Friday morning?). While I will probably not be attending the midnight showing amongst all of the hard-core groupies, (think teenagers & twenty somethings all donned up in their lightning bolt scars, wizardly robes, broomsticks, and wands. oh what a sight to behold) I will most definitely be there excited as ever at normal-people time this weekend. In fact, to honor the occasion and to make sure that I am as well-prepared as possible, I have given myself the daunting task of re-reading the entire 7th book in a matter of a few days time. I WILL finish this thing. Oh, and the inner 12 year old inside of me is so ready for the Hermione/Ron big kiss, as well as a little steamy action from Harry & Ginny. OH BOY. Scandalous.

2. Memphis Basketball

I am so pumped up about this season! Few things get me more excited than Memphis basketball!!!! I just feel like the city is transformed from the months of November - March. It's amazing how much we come together to support this team every single year. I stand behind the fact that we have the best fans in the country. I'm ready to see all of the new talent that we have this year in action. The season really kicked off last night with the 11:00 pm ESPN game against Miami. Talk about a heart attack game... The Tigers really scared me (enough to stay up until 1:30 am to watch the game on a work night. and that's saying something)

3. Gossip Girl on DVD

Spotted: Fallon spending all her free time when not consumed by Harry Potter, Memphis basketball, or pesky work catching up on every single episode there ever was of Gossip Girl starting with Season 1. Yes, I am now team Chuck & Blair. I seriously cannot get enough of the tales of the rich and dramaful. In fact, I am now narrating my own life and concluding it with the phrase, XOXO, Gossip Girl. Pathetic, yes? If only I had Serena or Blair's wardrobe, I would be one happy, happy girl.

4. GLEE Christmas Soundtrack:
Be still my beating heart! Two of my greatest loves, Glee and Christmas, are joining forces to spread holiday cheer to everyone. I downloaded the album today. If you too desire to have visions of sugar plums dance in your head, you should probably do the same.

5. Avocados

Random, no? And, yes, I did just provide you with a clip art picture of an avocado. I wanted you to get the full effect. I recently re-kindled my love of avocados the past few days as well. In fact, I have eaten two today. It hands down wins favorite food of the week.

As you can see, I've been super busy the last few days.... Oh, what a stressed out life I am leading... I hope I can keep it together...... :)

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