Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Blog Makeover

First off, let me start off by saying that computers DO NOT like me. Sure, I can facebook and twitter and sometimes, when I'm lucky, I can even compose a few emails. Beyond that, though, NO WAY. When I have to get into settings and networks and all that crazy mumbo jumbo, I'm lost. As you may can tell, my blog has shown that. I clicked and googled enough to figure out how to put a background up for the first couple of months but that was about as good as it got...until my dear ol' friend Valerie came along :). She recently started a blog and hers looked all fancy schmancy so I thought, who better than her to teach me? So, like the good friend that she is...she took like 2 hours out of her night to help get my blog all beautified. I felt so bad too because tonight her significant other had come to hang out with her, and the entire time he was here, she was helping me with this. Backgrounds, headers, colors, fonts, pictures...you know, the important things in life. Well, now I hope to post more because I have such a lovely backdrop to compose my words on. bwaha. So, if you are reading this...Thank you Valerie!!!

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