Friday, September 10, 2010

The Art of Doing Nothing

I recently saw the movie Eat Pray Love. I honestly don't know what I thought about it. I disagree with Elizabeth Gilbert's viewpoints on several issues, especially religion. However, I am absolutely captivated by the idea of dropping everything in your life and traveling the world. I wish I had the courage (and the finances) to do something like this... to leave it all behind. There is nothing I enjoy more than reading and studying about cultures other than my own. I would give my left pinky toe to backpack through Europe with no agenda or plans. I think that's why I DID like this movie - because of all the footage of Italy, India, and Bali. There is one scene that really stuck out to me. It was when she was in Italy, talking to her Italian tutor and some strange hairdresser man. They were discussing how Americans are so driven and feel guilty every time they take a break - like they are doing something wrong. On the other hand, Italians make time for relaxation and time to basically just be indulgent. I just found this funny because I was just griping about how I felt useless and depressed because I had a week with nothing to do. haaaaa. Maybe someday I will take a month out of my life and tour the world..... just another thing to add to the bucket list.....

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  1. i want to see this movie SO bad! and i agree with you...a tour of the world would be fabulous. :)