Thursday, September 30, 2010

Don't sweat the small stuff.

Oh, work stories. Everyone has them. Anyone that works with the public is always going to have some crazy stories to tell. I, myself, have had plenty of encounters at work where I am left wondering, did that really happen? I say this to tell you that I definitely had one of these "encounters" today. Here's a little replay of how this particular conversation went:

(telephone rings... I answer with the appropriate greeting....)
Man: "Ummm yes. This is ______. My daughter purchased glasses there a couple of months ago, and her nose piece has fallen off. Where do YOU get off selling such an expensive pair of glasses that can just fall apart so easily?"
Me: "Well, sir, that is a fairly common occurrence with any pair of glasses, no matter the price. It is something that can easily be fixed in store. In fact, if you would like to bring those in today, we can have them ready for you in just like five minutes time."
Man: "I live all the way in gosh darn Mississippi. There is absolutely no way that I am driving all the way there for this!"
Me: "Ok, well I can understand that. If you want to take them to an optical place near your house, you are more than welcome to. Any place that sells glasses should do this adjustment for you at no cost."
Man: "I'm not doing that either! This is your responsibility!"
Me: "Ok, well my hands are kind of tied with this matter, Sir. If you won't bring them here or take them anywhere else, what do you want me to do?"
Man: "I want you to mail me the parts to fix it."
Me: "Ok.... I can try to do that for you. But, are you familiar with performing adjustments on glasses?"
Man: "I'm an aircraft engineer...."
Me: "Ok...... So you do think you will be able to handle it? It can be kind of tricky....."
Man: "How dare you insult my intelligence!!! I will definitely be taking my business elsewhere from now on if I have someone like you disrespecting me!!!!"
(Sound of phone slamming down.)

After I got over the shock of what had just happened, I couldn't help but to start laughing. I honestly feel bad for those people who walk around so angry all the time.... I'm sorry sir but if the worst thing that has ever happened to you all your life or even today for that matter is that your daughter lost a nosepiece, then consider yourself pretty dadgum lucky! Ok, there was my venting session for the day. Now, I'm done. On a more positive note, I got another interview with a different school in Philadelphia! YEAAA. I'm a traveling machine this month!! More info to come in a later post.....

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