Friday, October 1, 2010

Mr. Right

This past Wednesday night, one of my good friends Megan & I started a class together through Highpoint church. The class is for single women, and it's basically all about dating and relationships. I like to think of it as Hitch for the church going people. Supposedly, it's going to be about what qualities to look for in a guy, as well as what qualities we should build up in ourselves in order to have a lasting relationship. There is no denying that I need some guidance in this field because, let's face it, I haven't done just a fantastic job with my relationships in the past, obviously, or I would still be in them.....

Nevertheless, I was a wee bit apprehensive about what to expect from this class. It sounded like a support group to me, which I am most assuredly not into. However, now that I have been, I am so glad to be doing this. I loooove the girl who leads the study, Emily, after just meeting her once. She has such a great personality, and I really found myself hanging on to every word that she said.

The first thing that she had us do was to write down five traits that we want in a potential mate, as well as five things that we absolutely do not want. Believe me when I say that I do not have a problem doing this exercise. I think everyone and their mom has had to do this for something at some point. Usually, I stick with the same ol, same ol. You know what I mean.... funny, cute, sweet, blah, blah, blah. This time, though, I really took the time to ask myself what i truly want and not what I think I should want. Here is the list that I came up with:

The Come-Hither's:
1. Intelligent/Educated (self-explanatory.... no one wants an idiot)
2. sarcastic (notice I did not say funny. I don't need a joke teller. I know this is a weird quality to want in someone, but I honestly can't live without it. I'm a very sarcastic individual and I really like dry humor. If you have quick wit, I'm your lady)
3. Loves God (I don't want the perfect Bible-beating Christian, and I am certainly not saying that. I just want someone who believes in God and spends time in prayer. Too often in the past, my relationships have inhibited my relationship with God instead of strengthening it and obviously this is not good.)
4. Respectful & Thoughtful (Even though I am not your typical romantic girly girl, I still like to be reminded that you care even the slightest every now and then.)
5. Outgoing/Social (I don't want to take a guy out, and he cower behind me. I want someone with a big, contagious personality who can find some way to make anything fun...even grocery shopping)

The No Thank-You's:
1. Not driven/not ambitious (I don't care if your dream is to clean toilets. Just aspire to be the best dang toilet scrubber you can be and work towards that!)
2. Lazy (Ok, I know I have no room to talk sometimes... Everyone has their lazy days, and they are amazing, but if your lazy "day" is actual lazy week or lazy month, then I don't really have compassion for you.)
3. Unclean/Slob (Proper hygiene as well as taking a clorox wipe to the counter every now and then won't kill you)
4. Trustworthy & Honest (again... self-explanatory)
5. Smoking (The fact that I want my lover to live as long as possible aside, cig smoke bothers my contacts. AND I can't be all lovey dovey when my eyes feel like acid has been poured into them)

There you have it... my perfect man. Too often, I find myself settling or making excuses for why there is one quality that I really want that someone doesn't have. BUT I am done, finito, throwing in the towel... you get the point. I'm crossing my fingers that there is a smart, sarcastic, godly, thoughtful, ambitious, non-smoking man out there... and I WILL find him... just not as creepily as that sounded :)

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